Preparing for Nursing College by Starting Early

Preparing for Nursing College by Starting Early

Mar 05, 17
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Nursing is an art as well as a science. This is mainly because helping people is an art that you need to learn from a very young age. For those who have been taught to assist people in need early on in their lives, a nursing career will be an alluring choice. At a nursing college, you don’t just learn about scientific methods to treat people. Students are also made to understand that caring for a patient is an integral part of their job.

Is Nursing the Right Profession for You?

Helping patients recover from sickness doesn’t mean simply relying on the right kind of medication. You need to realize that a helping hand and a smile will go a long way in giving people the hope they need while admitted in a hospital. In India, from the time of ancient Upacharikas to present day nurses, kindness and benevolence are qualities associated with the profession of nursing. If you feel that you have the passion to help people, then the nursing profession is where you should be directing all your attention.

In a profession like nursing, studying and scoring good grades is very important but it will all come to nothing if you don’t really love what you are doing. The need to serve people and help them along their path to recovery has to be deeply ingrained in your heart and mind. One good thing is that institutions offering such courses are opening up to new ways of teaching students how to enjoy their job. Nursing is no ordinary profession, and trainees are always reminded that taking care of patients is a full-time responsibility that needs to be handled with a lot of care.

Promising Future

In India, graduate courses in nursing will open up a number of avenues that could help you to find nursing jobs in medical institutions all over the country. With rapid development, India is witnessing a rise in healthcare infrastructure. This can only mean one thing: the country needs more nurses. Statistics show that the need for professional nurses has increased and if you really want to join this profession, then you have a number of nursing colleges to choose from.

You should keep in mind that as a child you always loved it when somebody held out a helping hand. It could have been your parents, a friend at school, or a kind passerby. If you feel that you could do the same for others in a medical institution, then nursing is the right career choice to make. Nurses who have been in the healthcare arena for many years will have fond memories of patients thanking them before going back to their everyday lives.

An accredited nursing college that offers both graduate and masters courses in nursing is a good choice. If you want to become a Nurse Practitioner, you can get all the degrees from one institution itself. However, the journey of becoming a nurse starts in your childhood. If you keep the welfare and health of others in your mind at all times, you can never go wrong as a nurse.

Reasons to Choose Nursing as a Career

Mar 05, 17
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Many people around the world are settling for a nursing career and are already aware of the advantages allied to the profession. Large number of job opportunities, greater benefits and immense job satisfaction, to name a few. The vocation certainly offers different reasons as to why you should pursue a career in nursing. Here are a few of them:-

Industry is growing: – With increasing technology and greater focus on the preventive care it has been anticipated by the Bureau of Labor and Statistics that employment in the nursing sector will increase by 26 percent during the year 2010-2020. The steadily growing industry reflects why nursing career is the second most sought after job of the health care industry in the year 2013, even in India.

Noble profession: – A job profile of a nurse is entitled to take care of the health and well-being of the patients. It helps in saving lives, bringing cheer and ensuring comfort to those who have been through tough phases. It is a gratifying profession and a right fit for those who are willing to enter in to social work that pays well.

Job security: – Being a nurse is a rewarding career for both men and women. Technological advancements in the field of medical science and provide bright new prospects to aspirants. Therefore a nursing career will, most likely, never leave you jobless until you really wish to retire.

Continuing learning: – The profession affirms continuing learning and grooming.  Aspirants have an opportunity to work with different departments. Like a medical assistant can choose to impart training to other aspiring professionals in the field and groom them on evolving technologies. You can always take up additional courses in the field. Helping people is a challenging task. Human bodies suffer from different diseases now and then, as a professional in the discipline you will always get to stay abreast with new information, and learn new methodologies and concepts to help others.

Technology adding new dimensions: – One important field that has emerged with technological advancement is informatics. It is a field where the nursing data is converted into simple and easy formats.

Diverse Opportunities: – You can use your nursing experience as a springboard to build a career in the field of forensics. You can work in corporates as an employee health nurse. Other than this, you have a chance to work as a freelancer in summer camps, taking care of the kids. Reports reveal that around 10000 people turn 65 every day from now until 2030; therefore there will be more requirements for nurses who have experience in geriatric care.

Flexibility: – If you choose to be a nurse then you will enjoy more flexibility than in other job profiles. Nurses can work in different locations and places. The profession allows flexibility to work in various sites right from the traditional places as in hospital’s and doctor’s clinic, to less obvious locations as in airways, schools, old age homes and others.

No job monotony: – You can get tired at the end of the day but will never get bored of your profession. The nursing profile is challenging, and you have a different patient and entirely new case to handle every day.

Increasing Nursing Vacancies Abroad is Good News for Indians

Mar 05, 17
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A trend that seems to have caught on well with a large number of Indian nurses is the idea of going abroad to further their nursing career prospects. This is a great plan for Indians who have just received their nursing degrees. In most cases, such planning starts early on when students are still in school. The first order of the day is to find a good college to complete a nursing diploma or degree from. After that comes a short stint as an intern in a medical institution, and then finally a chance to apply to a job on a different continent. This is an exciting new prospect for majority of nurses, and if you’re studying to become one, then you have good reason to keep at it. Nursing vacancies in foreign countries are just waiting to be filled up.

Indian Nurses Going Abroad

While many Indian nurses choose to stay in the country and apply to the many positions available in their homeland, there are still more who choose to go abroad to pursue better prospects.

Firstly, countries like UK, USA, Canada, Australia, and most recently, Ireland have a severe shortage of trained nurses. According to the Herald, a leading online news portal in Ireland, the country is in dire need of trained nurses. With the retirement and emigration of a large portion of the nursing force, Ireland is facing a major crisis in the healthcare arena. Nursing vacancies in the country have gone up suddenly, and that’s why Indian nurses are looking toward this country with a lot of interest. The situation is a little better in the other foreign countries mentioned, but there is still a steady intake of nurses from India.

Secondly, and more importantly, the salary of a professional nurse in a foreign country is much more as compared to that offered within India. While at home you might live a comfortable life as a nurse, a move abroad can improve your situation even more. As a nurse, moving to a country that is economically and developmentally in a better position than India is always a tempting choice.

Consistent Trend

The trend to go abroad and work as a nurse is not a new one. For example, in 2005, The Tribune reported that Indian nurses were looking for degrees that were recognized all over the globe. The article went on to state how economic stability was one of the main reasons why nurses were making such decisions. Nurses moving abroad are not only looking out for themselves but also for their near and dear ones. Working in a foreign country means that they can help their families have a better future, as well. The well-researched article brought to light why Indian nurses were so eager to move out of the country.

Healthcare staffing companies are witnessing a rise in the number of applications that come flowing in, online as well as in person. For instance, RN India is a well know staffing company that has been assisting trained nurses in relocating to different countries based on their healthcare skills. There are a number of staffing companies to check out, and an online search will certainly help you.

There are plenty of nursing vacancies and it’s all about making the right choice. You need to decide whether making such a move is a good idea for you. There have been a number of situations where nurses have gone abroad and realized that they preferred working back home. You should sit down with your near and dear ones to discuss the situation. If you feel that you can benefit from such a move, then there is nothing stopping you from achieving your dream.

Choosing the Right Subjects for Nursing College

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For high school students in India, picking the right subject combination will determine which field they specialize in at the graduation level and even later. For instance, a student who picks commerce and accounts will stand a better chance of getting into a B.Com (Bachelor of Commerce) course. He/she will have some knowledge about the syllabus and graduating will not be a struggle if he/she studies hard. In the same way if you’ve been thinking about becoming a nurse, then you should know which subjects to pick at the high school level. This will set you up for a comfortable bachelor’s course in a nursing college over the next few years.

Choose the Right Subject Combination

According to the Indian Nursing Council (INC), a B.Sc (Bachelor of Science) in nursing, which is a four-year course, should be the first step for anyone who is looking to becoming a professional nurse in the future. Choose from the many accredited and reputed nursing colleges to send your applications to, and make sure you fill the forms properly. You need to have the right subjects on your high school mark sheet which will give you an added edge when it comes down to the selection process.

This is why any educational counsellor will advise you to choose wisely when it comes to high school subjects. If you have made up your mind to enter the field of nursing, then the last two years of your schooling should be spent wisely. Pick out a subject combination that will make you eligible to apply for an undergraduate nursing degree. This way you know that when it is time for admissions, you will be able to apply knowing that there are no eligibility problems in your way. These are the subjects you need to pick in high school so that you can realise your nursing dream:

Science (Biology, Chemistry, and Physics): It makes sense that if you want to become an efficient nurse, you should have a strong background in the sciences. This will not only help you during your degree, but also later on when you’re interning or starting off at your first nursing job. Many colleges do consider students from other streams, but it is always better to have studied in the Science stream at the 10+2 level. If you have, then a B. Sc course will not be too tough as you will have a little knowledge once the lectures begin to lean towards scientific theories. For a student who is not from such an educational background, the course could turn out to be extra tough.

English: Medical colleges are always looking for candidates who have a sound grasp of the English language. This is mainly because all lectures and classes are carried out in this language, and in the field it is mandatory for a nurse to be able to converse smoothly. If your English scores are good, you can talk, and understand the language fluently, then you have nothing to worry about. Ensure that you practice spoken and written English throughout high school. This will help you handle the lectures in the right manner, and it could also be a crucial factor when you apply for a nursing job in any major medical institution. A number of nurses will have the same educational qualifications as you, but your fluency in communicating with the employer could clinch the deal.

If you are keen on getting into a nursing college, then it is all about the decisions you make in high school. There have been numerous instances where individuals have struggled at the graduation level because of the subjects they didn’t have while in school. You can avoid all this if you prepare for your future well in advance.

What is Nursing All About?

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Over the last couple of years, the nursing profession has received a boost because of the increase in the number of medical institutions. However, there are many who are unaware of what nursing is and what it entails. It is much more than just taking care of patients. It involves holding the various medical activities of a hospital together so that doctors can perform their tasks in a much more efficient manner. As a team, doctors depend on nurses for a number of small responsibilities that help reduce the pressure when an operation needs to be conducted. Such a general definition might not be sufficient for everyone, and these next few paragraphs will help you answer the common question: What is nursing?

History of Nursing in India

Before you jump head first into what a nurse’s duties entail, you should know a little about the background of nursing in a developing country like India. The task of taking care of patients dates back to the early ages, and there are a number of ancient texts that point towards nursing as being an activity that was carried out on a regular basis, by men, except in cases such as childbirth. With the passage of time, India has been able to build a strong foundation in which a number of individuals are trained in the art of nursing.

If you are talking about the nursing profession in India, then your conversation should bring up the name of Florence Nightingale. She had vast experience in military nursing, as well as general care procedures. With the help of the British government, she managed to lay down basic principles on how budding nurses should be trained so that they can take care of patients in the right manner. India owes a lot to the ‘Lady with the Lamp’ and all those who approached her with the question, “What is nursing?” would have received a simple explanation: It is helping those who are sick with medical care and love.

Nursing Hierarchy

Most individuals fresh out of nursing college usually start off as a Staff Nurse. Under this designation, one has to take care of a particular patient or a small group of individuals admitted in a hospital. The number of nurses that are employed at the hospital depends on how many would be needed to cover all wards effectively. This way an entire ward can be managed in an efficient manner as nurses combine resources to help all the patients present.

Moving up the ladder, a Nursing Supervisor takes responsibility of an entire ward. This means that all nurses have to report to the superintendent of the medical institution on a regular basis. Such a post is usually given to a nurse who has quite a few years of experience. This way she can take care of minor hiccups that might pop up from time to time.

Nursing is a noble profession. In India, nurses are respected and loved for the selfless service that they provide to people. It is  a great career option for someone who is passionate about alleviating the pain and suffering of those who are sick by using medical care and love.

The Rise in Vacancies for Nursing Jobs in Recent Times

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If you are an avid Internet user, then you should try typing in the words ‘nursing jobs India’ into search engines of leading job portals. You will be surprised to find hundreds of nursing jobs ripe for the picking! Why does there seem to be a sudden increase in demand for nurses? The answer to this question lies in India’s high economic development rate as well as the population explosion. If you are thinking of becoming a nurse, then such statistics should give you a lot of confidence to pursue the course with renewed vigor. Knowing that a well paying job awaits you after you complete your course will only be an added boost to your psyche.

Need for More Trained Nurses

India is the leading producer of a number of products, but the country also has one of the largest populations among countries all over the world. This means that there are a large number of people who will require medical assistance at some point or another. If you like caring for those who are sick and do not mind working long hours, then a nursing job should be right up your alley. Many individuals are of the opinion that such a job is not lucrative enough for somebody to devote his/her entire life to. This is a wrong notion as a nursing career offers financial stability to all those who enter this field.

There are more nursing jobs up for grabs as a direct effect of the increase in population. As more and more people line up to receive medical treatment, the government and private organizations have to provide the infrastructure that can cater to everyone. This is not a simple task and that is why you will find a large number of hospitals being built in all cities and towns in India. Consequently, job portals are being updated with new vacancies on a regular basis. Other than private institutions, the government also is in need of more nurses in various sectors ranging from the Indian Army to the Air Force.

The requirements of villages are not too far behind either as the government tries to provide medical help to all those who reside far away from urban areas. This is the main reason why more and more nurses are required to fill in the posts at various medical institutions all over this diverse nation.

On the other hand, a number of nurses from India find their way to foreign countries based on their nursing qualifications. Many countries are in dire need of nurses and do not hesitate when a qualified individual is looking to immigrate. According to an insightful 2011 article in a newspaper, there have been around 350,000 successful nursing job applications in Europe and USA. There is a high demand for nurses; not only in India but all around the globe.

How to Become a Nurse in India

For those looking to become a nurse in India, there are a number of steps involved. Once you complete your education from an accredited college, nursing jobs will be easy to find. In fact, colleges usually provide students with placement options. This is highly beneficial as you can begin by working in a college-recommended medical institution for a few years, and then decide to move on to another one. By this time, you will have a considerable amount of experience under your belt, as well.

Nurses form an integral part of any medical institution as doctors require all the help they can get along the way. If you have visited a hospital, you will notice that nurses are crucial employees who ensure that everything is going as planned.

In the current employment situation, it is safe to say that it is raining vacancies for nursing jobs. Industry forecasts state that this trend doesn’t look like it will be slowing down anytime soon either.

Information on Certified Nursing Assistant Training

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There are lots of people who are planning to enter the field of nursing without considering commitment with the profession. One example of this is sacrificing some time and bucks in college just to become the best professional in the field of their chosen expertise. What is unfortunate is that there are some people who think that nursing career is the best profession for them, but later on will regret because they have selected the wrong profession. Once you are choosing program not just in the field of nursing but also in the other field of expertise, you have to make sure that you are firm with your decision. In the field of nursing profession, there is a way for you to test the waters before going deep. Certified nursing assistant training is the solution for you.

Certified nursing assistant training is the starting point for people who want to enter the field of nursing profession but are not that certain with the course. Aside from that, this is a category of the nursing profession which is not that in demand as compared to the other courses.

The certified nurse training courses which are useful in preparing some students in terms of passing the late certification examinations are accessible in selected educational institutions in your place. Aside from that, there are also some chapters of Red Cross offering these training courses for people who are interested in this career. However, you have to keep in mind that these courses offered by Red Cross are available in a very expensive rate. This is not fitted for students who do not have the right financial resources needed to enroll in this course. If you are a student who is looking for cost-effective way to enroll in the course, there is an alternative for you. Certified nursing assistant training is offered for free or with financial assistance from nursing homes present in your place. In order to look for these programs, you can check out job listings to see the present opportunities for you.

In terms of prerequisites, certified nursing assistant training will not require you to have a past experience. In fact, there are some training institutions offering the course for students who are still in the high school level. However, you have to keep in mind that there are some program providers requiring their students to at least obtain high school diploma before they can enroll in the course. Apart from securing the application letter, there are still some prerequisites you have to secure. Some examples of these are specific credits for some subjects like Science, Math and English. In the event that interested students do not have these credits, they can obtain them in some technical schools recommended by the certified nursing assistant training providers.

Certified Nurse Assistant – Skills Training and Additional Features

Nursing assistant training is providing its students with the knowledge and the right practice in terms of learning several topics and concepts in nursing profession. Some of the things taught in these courses are how to bathe the patient, how to assist patient in eating, how to reposition those patients who are bedridden, how to change bedpan as well as diapers and many other fundamental skills. Aside from the basic caring skills, students are also taught of the essentials of observation skills such as taking vital signs (temperature, pulse rate, respiration rate and blood pressure) and many more. The proper way of measuring some substances is also being taught to the students. Additionally, they are also molded in terms of reporting some health changes and the overall status of the patient’s condition to the other members of the health care team.

Aside from that, certified nursing assistant training also involves additional features such as addressing the psychological issues manifested by the clients. In most cases, graduates of certified nursing assistant training are vital in terms of facilitating socializing of their patients. Additionally, these graduates are also expected to provide their clients and also the families with emotional support. If you are a certified nursing assistant, you have to be very sensitive about the sensitivity of your patients and how they react in terms of bathing or providing all the needed care they should receive. What is more important is learning how to watch out for some clues pertaining to depressed and in pain patients. This skill is very vital in terms of determining the current needs of the clients and avoiding possible problems in the near future.

Certification Tests

The full-time training in some of the related nursing facilities may last for about two to three weeks. However, there are some part-time options for students who are affiliated with the other institutions. Basically, you have to spend four up to five hours in a week with four to five times duration. This part-time option will last for about four to six weeks. Therefore, the length of the training will still depend on the time you will allot for the program. Right after you have completed the certified nursing assistant training, you have to become certified already. This is possible by means of passing the state examinations being administered in your place.

In most cases, there are two tests administered for students who have finished certified nursing assistant training and are about to become certified. The first test involves written assessment with the knowledge in providing the fundamental care needed by patients. The second test usually involves the execution of the nursing duties in front of the accredited certification representative. So, before you take the certification examination, it is important that you review your skills and knowledge in terms of providing your students with the basic care they need.

By means of reviewing, you can assess yourself and you can also determine your chances of passing the certification tests. You can also attend some reviews conducted by some organizations for students who graduated from certified nursing assistant training schools. Once you are already certified, you can already seek for employment in some institutions available in your place.

Accelerated Nursing Programs Tips – Accelerated Nursing Programs and Prerequisites For Nursing

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The accelerated nursing programs are such a fantastic opportunity for those who have dreams of becoming a qualified nurse and have been specifically designed to help nurses finish their courses and help you achieve the required degree as quickly as is feasibly possible, within a short period of time, by accessing accelerated nursing programs online.

The accelerated nursing programs are attributed mainly to current  obvious technological and cultural changes, and since most colleges and universities are keen to keep up with the changing times, creating a definite decision to expand nursing departments.

Whilst this is considered to be an excellent and innovative move within the Health Industry as a whole, it is vital that this is kept in perspective, so to assume that all accelerated nursing programs online are fast paced may not be exactly true, and it should be borne in mind that there are still schools whose online degrees work similarly to that of a traditional campus.  However, this is extremely convenient AND the provision to now have the opportunity to study in the comfort of your own home is obviously a huge advantage to many people, because not only can you choose your own time, you can still attend classes even though your chosen school is a considerable long way from where you live!

There are two degree options available on accelerated nursing programs:

A competency based degree – Perfect to plan your own working field whilst meeting nursing professional goals, providing a superb opportunity to combine previous education with career experiences, and accelerate completion of the degree within accelerated nursing programs over 1 – 2 years.

The degree completion program is designed for non-nursing graduates, offering a quick way forward to becoming a nurse.  The entire accelerated nursing program is covered within 12-18 months. Offered to baccalaureate and master’s degree holders, and undergraduates are given an opportunity to enroll in this accelerated nursing program.

When determined to complete a nursing degree, it is well worth researching information and finding out all you can about accelerated nursing programs online, as these intensive training options are specifically designed to meet the demands of those who have already achieved a degree and would now like to try a career change

So if becoming a nurse is a particular true dream of for you, finding the very best accelerated nursing programs could be a real advantage for you, since you would get the option to choose the most suitable nursing schools that provide accelerated nursing programs, putting you well “on track” to achieving this success and accomplishing your dream of becoming a nurse.

What Is The Best Nursing Program?

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It’s now time to make your move and consider making that application for one of the Accelerated nursing programs!… Do you know how long you have been considering this already? It’s so important that you get to move yourself towards your goal of being a nurse, it’s the course that will help you achieve your dreams, and because these new accelerated nursing programs have been created for people just like you, who have true desires on becoming a nurse,

Yes, it’s time to research the accelerated nursing programs and identify which course most aptly suits your lifestyle, your current qualifications and your career skills.

You do need to understand completely, what conditions you have to meet in order to qualify, take a closer look at accelerated nursing programs and be sure that you know what the essential information is that you need:

Important that you verify the important admission requirements

If you have already worked hard to achieve a fantastic “bachelor degree” or if you have achieved a high number of credit hours in other disciplines, you can register on any of the accelerated nursing programs that are now available. These programs will take a minimum of 11 months and may take up to 18 months to complete completely.

This will lead you to achieve an amazing “bachelor nursing diploma” and afterwards you will graduate to any of the accelerated nursing programs. There is also an upper level that enables you to achieve a “master nursing diploma”, although it’s worthwhile knowing that this is longer in time then the bachelor program. Sometimes nursing educational institutions or universities may require references for your application file.

You can develop excellent skills in a medical clinic

When you hear about accelerated nursing programs, the first thing that comes into your mind is the undertaking of an internship at a medical clinic, which means devoting a good amount of time and energy In practicing your competencies in a hospital or clinic. The physical condition of those people in your care is vitally important to having a nursing career, so it’s important that you understand from the start just how important your time in a clinical practice is.

A real need for fully qualified nurses As the healthcare system develops its values, no matter how impressive financial resources might be, the human resources must be the central and important role. The demand for well qualified, well trained, nurses has increased tremendously, due to the high demands being expected from the medical system.  The accelerated nursing programs will give you the opportunity to become one of those people who can fulfill this huge requirement.

Taking good care of those individuals with medical problems

It’s so important that you are sure that this is a vocation that truly suits you, and that you have engaged with each of the elements that are involved, as it is a profession that will test and challenge you i.e. hard work, intense study and lots of practice. In order to succeed, you will undoubtedly need passion and compassion, whilst keeping a perfect balance with sensitivity and avoid reducing your proficiency.

Looking after YOU

Accelerated nursing programs are such a very important tool to assist with these elements whilst helping you maintain your own well being and create satisfaction.  Although, you may consider that you are already skilled enough to be a registered nurse, the accelerated nursing programs practically compress the three year standard or normal program … Which is why the graduation average is slightly lower.

Characteristics And Benefits Of Accelerated Nursing Programs

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An individual who already holds a degree is eligible for acceptance in many different BSN accelerated nursing programs. He or she can even get a master’s degree or a doctorate level degree in a nursing program. These programs, which can be completed in as little as one year for some of them, speed up all aspects of the schooling process.

There are more classes included in a short span of time. The curriculum is very condensed with very little to sometime no time off between classes. The challenges are quite rigorous and require a complete commitment of an individual’s time and energy. The courses involved include anatomy and physiology, biology, pharmacology, even administrative and communication courses at some point.

Prerequisites For Nursing

The main requirement for acceptance in an accelerated nursing program is a completed bachelor’s degree in a non-nursing profession. Most schools require a grade point average of 3.0 or better throughout the completed degree. There are schools that will accept a lower grade point average. The higher grade point average requirement is the criteria used to determine the individual’s qualification to successfully complete the rigorous components of the accelerated program.

A solid foundation in basic courses such as the sciences and some other fields allows the student to build on this foundation with core knowledge and nursing-specific skills. This is possible to accomplish with a substantial foundation of prior learning and educational experiences. Some specific courses included in this educational foundation are anatomy and biology along with communication and psychology. This range of required basic courses demonstrates the possible broad range of professional responsibilities a nurse could experience in his or her career.

A cluster of courses that are accepted from a previous degree are the social sciences prerequisites. If a course is missing from the group, a student is still accepted with requirements to complete this course along with the courses of the “accelerated nursing programs”. Different programs do have different standards, acceptance policies, and requirements. These differences do not necessarily elevate any program to level of better than their competitors. The basic characteristics to expect in any program are that it is fully accredited and is capable of preparing the individual to take and pass the NCLEX-RN.

Benefits of choosing a Nursing Career

A nursing degree offers many opportunities in many different areas than ever before. Satisfactory employment is available in several healthcare settings outside of hospitals. These areas include outpatient facilities, doctor’s offices, visiting client’s homes and many more. The need for new nurses is expected to grow to 580,000 by 2018 and 800,000 by 2020. The average salary for nurses is expected to increase to much more than the current $61,000 range. Nurses are the largest single group of employees on a hospital staff. Their existence exceeds that of physicians by four to one. The higher levels of education will place them in a position to command much higher salaries. There will be an enormous in job opportunities.

The cost of a nursing degree varies with the programs. At most colleges and universities these costs are comparable to other degree programs. At most universities this range was $26,340 at public universities and an average of $100,572 at private universities in 2008. A bachelor’s degree in nursing cost between $28,000 for state residents and $93,000 for out-of-states residents at the University of Washington. The University of Pennsylvania charged an average of approximately $150,000. An online nursing degree is available at a rate of $100 to $150 per credit hour. Most of these programs require 180 credit hours to complete a nursing degree. This averages the total cost for the bachelor’s degree is approximately $20,000. Additional expenses such as textbooks, lab fees, and basic living expenses must be included costs projections.

The requirements for achieving the bachelor’s degree in nursing include satisfactory completion of 125 degree related hours. Remedial courses are not accepted towards the degree requirements. A grade point average in all courses of 2.0 or higher is a requirement. Each degree related course must have a grade of C or higher. Removal of all deferred grades, special credit course grades in nursing courses, and Incompletes by three weeks before the end of the last semester prior to the individual’s graduation is required. All course work in nursing courses must be completed within six years of enrollment. A completion of a minimum of 51% of courses within the nursing major is a requirement. The graduation Intent to graduate application completion is required at the start of the last semester. A successful graduation is achievable with good research and prior preparation.