Choosing the Right Subjects for Nursing College

Choosing the Right Subjects for Nursing College

Mar 05, 17
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For high school students in India, picking the right subject combination will determine which field they specialize in at the graduation level and even later. For instance, a student who picks commerce and accounts will stand a better chance of getting into a B.Com (Bachelor of Commerce) course. He/she will have some knowledge about the syllabus and graduating will not be a struggle if he/she studies hard. In the same way if you’ve been thinking about becoming a nurse, then you should know which subjects to pick at the high school level. This will set you up for a comfortable bachelor’s course in a nursing college over the next few years.

Choose the Right Subject Combination

According to the Indian Nursing Council (INC), a B.Sc (Bachelor of Science) in nursing, which is a four-year course, should be the first step for anyone who is looking to becoming a professional nurse in the future. Choose from the many accredited and reputed nursing colleges to send your applications to, and make sure you fill the forms properly. You need to have the right subjects on your high school mark sheet which will give you an added edge when it comes down to the selection process.

This is why any educational counsellor will advise you to choose wisely when it comes to high school subjects. If you have made up your mind to enter the field of nursing, then the last two years of your schooling should be spent wisely. Pick out a subject combination that will make you eligible to apply for an undergraduate nursing degree. This way you know that when it is time for admissions, you will be able to apply knowing that there are no eligibility problems in your way. These are the subjects you need to pick in high school so that you can realise your nursing dream:

Science (Biology, Chemistry, and Physics): It makes sense that if you want to become an efficient nurse, you should have a strong background in the sciences. This will not only help you during your degree, but also later on when you’re interning or starting off at your first nursing job. Many colleges do consider students from other streams, but it is always better to have studied in the Science stream at the 10+2 level. If you have, then a B. Sc course will not be too tough as you will have a little knowledge once the lectures begin to lean towards scientific theories. For a student who is not from such an educational background, the course could turn out to be extra tough.

English: Medical colleges are always looking for candidates who have a sound grasp of the English language. This is mainly because all lectures and classes are carried out in this language, and in the field it is mandatory for a nurse to be able to converse smoothly. If your English scores are good, you can talk, and understand the language fluently, then you have nothing to worry about. Ensure that you practice spoken and written English throughout high school. This will help you handle the lectures in the right manner, and it could also be a crucial factor when you apply for a nursing job in any major medical institution. A number of nurses will have the same educational qualifications as you, but your fluency in communicating with the employer could clinch the deal.

If you are keen on getting into a nursing college, then it is all about the decisions you make in high school. There have been numerous instances where individuals have struggled at the graduation level because of the subjects they didn’t have while in school. You can avoid all this if you prepare for your future well in advance.