As you may know, San Francisco put a ban on the sale of all flavored vaping liquids and tobacco products in 2017. The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) took measures to restrict the vaping sales to teens. Also, the FDA warned retailers selling JUULs to minors. In response, JUUL Labs reported they were going to invest $30 million to fight the underage use of their products. So, what’s the situation?

San Francisco Voting on Vaping Products

Juuls, which have become so much widespread among teens, use nicotine salts to deliver a hit. The latter closely replicates that of a cigarette. “Juuling” is already used as a verb these days. It started 3 years ago. Today, it accounts for over half of the multibillion-dollar electronic cigarette market.

According to two 14-year-olds, Juuls are easier to hide. Also, they don’t taste bad. Besides, there’s no tobacco, and the smell doesn’t stick on you like with nicotine. This is what these users think.

Public health advocates are well aware of the fact that flavors are appealing to youngsters. April Roeseler (from California’s Department of Public Health) notes that 80% of kids using tobacco products start with a flavored tobacco product.

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What to Expect

According to Dr. Amanda Wright, an internist at the University of California, San Francisco and resident physician, the tobacco industry uses menthol cigarettes to target the black community, the poor, and mothers. She further adds that these products literally look like candy, which attracts children.

The California Department of Public Health states that the number of kids in California who vape is currently double the number of kids who smoke. Based on research in the field, many of those kids will be smoking cigarettes before long.

If San Francisco voters pass the ban on flavor products, expect one of toughest restrictions on e-cigs in the US. This way, San Francisco could become the nation’s 1st city to ban flavored tobacco products from all stores.

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