Increasing Nursing Vacancies Abroad is Good News for Indians

Increasing Nursing Vacancies Abroad is Good News for Indians

Mar 05, 17
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A trend that seems to have caught on well with a large number of Indian nurses is the idea of going abroad to further their nursing career prospects. This is a great plan for Indians who have just received their nursing degrees. In most cases, such planning starts early on when students are still in school. The first order of the day is to find a good college to complete a nursing diploma or degree from. After that comes a short stint as an intern in a medical institution, and then finally a chance to apply to a job on a different continent. This is an exciting new prospect for majority of nurses, and if you’re studying to become one, then you have good reason to keep at it. Nursing vacancies in foreign countries are just waiting to be filled up.

Indian Nurses Going Abroad

While many Indian nurses choose to stay in the country and apply to the many positions available in their homeland, there are still more who choose to go abroad to pursue better prospects.

Firstly, countries like UK, USA, Canada, Australia, and most recently, Ireland have a severe shortage of trained nurses. According to the Herald, a leading online news portal in Ireland, the country is in dire need of trained nurses. With the retirement and emigration of a large portion of the nursing force, Ireland is facing a major crisis in the healthcare arena. Nursing vacancies in the country have gone up suddenly, and that’s why Indian nurses are looking toward this country with a lot of interest. The situation is a little better in the other foreign countries mentioned, but there is still a steady intake of nurses from India.

Secondly, and more importantly, the salary of a professional nurse in a foreign country is much more as compared to that offered within India. While at home you might live a comfortable life as a nurse, a move abroad can improve your situation even more. As a nurse, moving to a country that is economically and developmentally in a better position than India is always a tempting choice.

Consistent Trend

The trend to go abroad and work as a nurse is not a new one. For example, in 2005, The Tribune reported that Indian nurses were looking for degrees that were recognized all over the globe. The article went on to state how economic stability was one of the main reasons why nurses were making such decisions. Nurses moving abroad are not only looking out for themselves but also for their near and dear ones. Working in a foreign country means that they can help their families have a better future, as well. The well-researched article brought to light why Indian nurses were so eager to move out of the country.

Healthcare staffing companies are witnessing a rise in the number of applications that come flowing in, online as well as in person. For instance, RN India is a well know staffing company that has been assisting trained nurses in relocating to different countries based on their healthcare skills. There are a number of staffing companies to check out, and an online search will certainly help you.

There are plenty of nursing vacancies and it’s all about making the right choice. You need to decide whether making such a move is a good idea for you. There have been a number of situations where nurses have gone abroad and realized that they preferred working back home. You should sit down with your near and dear ones to discuss the situation. If you feel that you can benefit from such a move, then there is nothing stopping you from achieving your dream.