Reasons to Choose Nursing as a Career

Reasons to Choose Nursing as a Career

Mar 05, 17
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Many people around the world are settling for a nursing career and are already aware of the advantages allied to the profession. Large number of job opportunities, greater benefits and immense job satisfaction, to name a few. The vocation certainly offers different reasons as to why you should pursue a career in nursing. Here are a few of them:-

Industry is growing: – With increasing technology and greater focus on the preventive care it has been anticipated by the Bureau of Labor and Statistics that employment in the nursing sector will increase by 26 percent during the year 2010-2020. The steadily growing industry reflects why nursing career is the second most sought after job of the health care industry in the year 2013, even in India.

Noble profession: – A job profile of a nurse is entitled to take care of the health and well-being of the patients. It helps in saving lives, bringing cheer and ensuring comfort to those who have been through tough phases. It is a gratifying profession and a right fit for those who are willing to enter in to social work that pays well.

Job security: – Being a nurse is a rewarding career for both men and women. Technological advancements in the field of medical science and provide bright new prospects to aspirants. Therefore a nursing career will, most likely, never leave you jobless until you really wish to retire.

Continuing learning: – The profession affirms continuing learning and grooming.  Aspirants have an opportunity to work with different departments. Like a medical assistant can choose to impart training to other aspiring professionals in the field and groom them on evolving technologies. You can always take up additional courses in the field. Helping people is a challenging task. Human bodies suffer from different diseases now and then, as a professional in the discipline you will always get to stay abreast with new information, and learn new methodologies and concepts to help others.

Technology adding new dimensions: – One important field that has emerged with technological advancement is informatics. It is a field where the nursing data is converted into simple and easy formats.

Diverse Opportunities: – You can use your nursing experience as a springboard to build a career in the field of forensics. You can work in corporates as an employee health nurse. Other than this, you have a chance to work as a freelancer in summer camps, taking care of the kids. Reports reveal that around 10000 people turn 65 every day from now until 2030; therefore there will be more requirements for nurses who have experience in geriatric care.

Flexibility: – If you choose to be a nurse then you will enjoy more flexibility than in other job profiles. Nurses can work in different locations and places. The profession allows flexibility to work in various sites right from the traditional places as in hospital’s and doctor’s clinic, to less obvious locations as in airways, schools, old age homes and others.

No job monotony: – You can get tired at the end of the day but will never get bored of your profession. The nursing profile is challenging, and you have a different patient and entirely new case to handle every day.