In this day and age, there is an instant and practical way to shrink the stomach, namely Tummy Tuck. Ever heard of this one? Some people also know the term medical abdominoplasty. Abdominoplasty itself means an action to reduce abdominal fat by surgery or surgery. This is about tummy tucks by Sydney surgeon Dr Alex Phoon.

One of the things that makes a person less confident is having a distended stomach.

Yes, both men and women, of course, no one aspires to have a distended stomach right? This is a disconcerting appearance.

Not only that, it could be a risky stomach for health. Various kinds of diseases are straightforward to come later, such as stroke, heart disease, diabetes and so on.

The way most people do to shrink the stomach is to take slimming drugs or herbs, exercise regularly and manage their diet.

However, of course, this method does not give effect instantly; you need to do it repeatedly regularly.

By operating the abdomen, then removing excess fat, then, of course, your stomach will shrink instantly right? So what’s the difference with liposuction or liposuction? Certainly much different.

Liposuction can remove fat in the stomach instantly, but the muscles and skin of the abdomen cannot be tightened.

While the Tummy Tuck can pull the muscles and skin of the stomach that sag, then the excess of the surface of the abdomen will be removed. So, no more stomach skin seems to hang or sag.

How to shrink the stomach with surgery or surgical abdomen is more done by women, because in essence, women want always to look beautiful and slim. There are also many men who choose surgery to remove fat in the abdomen at several beauty clinics, under the pretext of health.

However, not everyone can do this, because according to some experiences, tummy tuck, including primary operations, is quite risky.

Who is allowed and not allowed to have surgery to reduce the stomach? Here is the information:

Only for those who have difficulty removing fat on the stomach

For those of you who do experience excess fat in the abdomen, but have a problem eliminating fat, it is permissible for stomach surgery. This means you have done a variety of ways, ranging from improving your diet, regular exercise and consuming various kinds of medicines and traditional herbal medicine.

In other words, Tummy Tuck is the ultimate way to shrink the stomach. To be safer, you should consult a doctor before acting.

Usually, the doctor will suggest a mild method first, such as exercise, diet and taking drugs. However, if the plan does not produce results even though it has been done for a long time, then the doctor will suggest more extreme ways, such as stomach surgery.

People Who Have Severe Disease Not Allowed

Surgery to reduce the stomach must be lived by someone who is physically fit. For those of you who suffer from heart disease, stroke, diabetes, and others, are not allowed to undergo surgery to shrink the stomach, because it will risk the infection suffered.

So, before doing the surgery, check your health, make sure that the condition of the body is healthy, fit and free from disease, especially serious illness. If there is a severe illness, do other safer methods, such as exercise and diet.

For Women, Only For Those Who Don’t Plan to Get Pregnant Again

Not all women can do Tummy Tuck surgery, because this operation is risky in pregnancy. Yes, for those of you who do not have children or still want to have more children, you should not use surgery to shrink the stomach.

Why is that? The operation will be attractive while removing the excess skin and abdominal muscles to tighten. Well, if you are pregnant, your stomach will enlarge and sag again, then the operation that has been done will be in vain. Generally, abdominal surgery is carried out by postpartum mothers but has no plans to have more children.

So, for those of you who want to do abdominal surgery, pay attention to the above, so that the operation remains safe, does not pose a risk to the health of the body and other organs.

Because many mothers do Tummy Tuck operations after giving birth, many think that the surgery was performed during a Caesarean section. Is this justified? Of course not, this would be very risky.

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