What is Nursing All About?

What is Nursing All About?

Mar 05, 17
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Over the last couple of years, the nursing profession has received a boost because of the increase in the number of medical institutions. However, there are many who are unaware of what nursing is and what it entails. It is much more than just taking care of patients. It involves holding the various medical activities of a hospital together so that doctors can perform their tasks in a much more efficient manner. As a team, doctors depend on nurses for a number of small responsibilities that help reduce the pressure when an operation needs to be conducted. Such a general definition might not be sufficient for everyone, and these next few paragraphs will help you answer the common question: What is nursing?

History of Nursing in India

Before you jump head first into what a nurse’s duties entail, you should know a little about the background of nursing in a developing country like India. The task of taking care of patients dates back to the early ages, and there are a number of ancient texts that point towards nursing as being an activity that was carried out on a regular basis, by men, except in cases such as childbirth. With the passage of time, India has been able to build a strong foundation in which a number of individuals are trained in the art of nursing.

If you are talking about the nursing profession in India, then your conversation should bring up the name of Florence Nightingale. She had vast experience in military nursing, as well as general care procedures. With the help of the British government, she managed to lay down basic principles on how budding nurses should be trained so that they can take care of patients in the right manner. India owes a lot to the ‘Lady with the Lamp’ and all those who approached her with the question, “What is nursing?” would have received a simple explanation: It is helping those who are sick with medical care and love.

Nursing Hierarchy

Most individuals fresh out of nursing college usually start off as a Staff Nurse. Under this designation, one has to take care of a particular patient or a small group of individuals admitted in a hospital. The number of nurses that are employed at the hospital depends on how many would be needed to cover all wards effectively. This way an entire ward can be managed in an efficient manner as nurses combine resources to help all the patients present.

Moving up the ladder, a Nursing Supervisor takes responsibility of an entire ward. This means that all nurses have to report to the superintendent of the medical institution on a regular basis. Such a post is usually given to a nurse who has quite a few years of experience. This way she can take care of minor hiccups that might pop up from time to time.

Nursing is a noble profession. In India, nurses are respected and loved for the selfless service that they provide to people. It is  a great career option for someone who is passionate about alleviating the pain and suffering of those who are sick by using medical care and love.